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If you were looking for a really environmental-friendly product, you've come to the right place!!

This car seems so fricken cool!
Tata motors have come up with this environmental-friendly car that runs on compressed air.
Apparently, the air propels the motors, cylinders etc, etc.
Its maximum speed will be around 105 km per h (not that bad).
They hope to have it on the market in India this year.
This car uses no petrol, an it can run up to 300 KM before running out of, uh, air.
There will be like gas stations, that will be equipped with special tanks of compressed air. It will take around 2-4 minutes to regas for around dollar two.
The car is a 6-sit van an apparently, it will be around dollar 13 thousand.
Its a great idea, an it will really, really help the planet.
Maybe you think, 300 km?, well, if they're enough (air) stations spread around a city, I'm sure it will work.
You may also consider the possibility of the tank exploding when there's an accident, but really, isn't it the same with gas tanks?
Hmm, I wonder, how will the government an the oil sellers react?
I think it will be a huge loss for them, although, if air is a free resource, an a refill will be dollar 2, maybe they will gane some profit.
Hope this car is really real, an that it really comes out this year, what a huge help for the environment.
Oh, yeah, I also hope it makes some noice, if not, that would be a disaster!


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